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Member Benefits

What do members get in ActiveBlogging:

  • Access to reports with ‘insider tricks’ to using WordPress, blogging, Internet business and marketing techniques to improve their ‘reach’ (view report contents)
  • Valuable online video tutorials and training (view video listing)
  • Files, guides, and tools to make blogging and working online easier (list of tools)
  • WordPress plugins to enhance functions, including the ABTheme design and plugin.
    (plugins listing)

This chart explains the benefits of the various memberships in Activeblogging:

  Platinum Gold Bronze
Access to Video Training 170+ Videos 120+ Videos 100+ Videos
‘The ActiveBlogging Report’ Current Issue Yes Yes No
Archives of ‘The ActiveBlogging Report’ Yes No No
Bonus Credits 1,000 per month** 750 per month** 500 per month**
Member’s Only Plugins (More Info) ALL Many A Few
Blog-Related Downloads (More Info) ALL Many A Few
Private Forum (More Info) YES YES YES
   Price: $49.95 the 1st month,
$19.95 per month after
$24.95 per month
$19.95 every 3 Months
**Bonus credits are redeemable within ActiveBlogging; 1,000 points provides a permanent unlock key for ABTheme for a blog. More items available in the future. Bonus points have no cash value, and must be used within ActiveBlogging.com.