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Goodbye WordPress 2.0.x!

I was in contact with a blogger and just happened to look at her website source (as I am wont to do) – and she was still using WP 2.0.

Understandably, with the security issues out there, everyone should get up to the latest WP as soon as reasonably possible. However, some legacy plugins were never upgraded, and refuse to work with later versions; in addition, upgrading every few weeks can be daunting, especially if you have more than a few blogs.

Now there’s another reason to worry: WP Central has officially deprecated WP 2.0. What that means is, like Windows 98, support and fixes are no longer provided (ie, ‘use at your own risk’). The reason is obvious: trying to support two widely-different code bases is time consuming and problematic – and a sure way to increase bugs.

What does that mean for us? Unless you’re using 2.0, nothing. Otherwise, it’s time to upgrade. The Internet is just too hostile to not have an armored website out there – and that’s the latest WP, not an older one.

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