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Organizations and security teams rely on our threat intelligence team to be an extension of their team. We provide relevant threats, context, and recommendations, minimize false positives, and manage takedowns to make your job easier and more efficient.

Strategic Intelligence

Team Background

The cash app slots Shadows Strategic Intelligence Team consists of intelligence and technology experts from military, academic and corporate backgrounds. They work together to provide our customers with intelligence that involves tracking, analyzing and reporting on threat actors, campaigns, operations, and their affiliated tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs).

What They Do

Our Strategic Intelligence Team enables us to fully explore the digital shadows cast by threat actors; by profiling them over time we can understand their motivations, targets, and threat levels. This, in turn, allows clients to understand the emerging threats that are relevant to their organization and sector. The Strategic Intelligence Team is also responsible for providing Request for Intelligence (RFI) support to our clients. This is achieved through a fusion cell effect whereby each client has a specific number of dedicated hours of RFI time per month to use for subject matter expert-led cash app slots Shadows research into any type of intelligence question. Some examples of these types of RFI questions include: forecasting the threat of PoS malware, data breaches to the financial services sector, or extortion threats and threat actors. Our clients use our expert insights to feed into their own, forward-looking planning to make better decisions to minimize their digital risks.

Managed Services Intelligence

Team Background

Each customer we serve is supported by our Managed Services Intelligence Team made up of 40+ intelligence analyst experts located across the world and who speak a combined 20 languages. This team picks out the signal from the noise to ensure the incidents sent to the client minimize false positives and are free from hype.

What They Do

Providing the critical “human in the loop” component to the SearchLight service for our clients, the cash app slots Shadows Managed Services Intelligence Team is responsible for delivering tactical and operational threat intelligence, context, and recommended actions based on the most critical and relevant risks that have been collected through SearchLight. Through this function, the Managed Services Intelligence team ultimately provides an aggregated, concise delivery of various possible risk types across multiple points of possible exposure. For example, one client may have over 800,000 mentions in a 30-day period, but through the advanced processing and expert human analysis applied as part of the cash app slots Shadows service, they only receive the 57 incidents that are pertinent to them and pose a security threat. This saves time, resources, and money, and further enables our clients to take pro-active steps to mitigate their digital risk.

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